March, 2008

Housing Proposal

By lifting the loan caps, the government expects to reduce the interest rates to jump-start the housing market. A number of up-to-the-minute loans is likely to be relatively small since the idea expires at the end of the year. Some investors may be cynical of stepping into an doubtful market within such a short time [...]

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Investment or Not?

The worsening in household investments is anticipated to keep on going throughout the year as housing prices go down further. We are expected to be surviving with a excessive degree of ambiguity for some period of time. The final scale and length of the holding back is  under way. With home assessment declining, it has [...]

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A view of the city

Living in high-rise buildings has been a rising trend these days (no pun intended!). Young, upscale professionals with money to burn usually opt for penthouse living. You can acquire or lease property in the urban areas, and the advantage here is that it’s usually near the business district. So you won’t have to spend hours [...]

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Are You Homeless?

Everyone wants to belong in a home of their own. And by being homeless, I mean not having your own piece of real estate that you truly own 100%. Many of us live in apartments. Some of us lease condo units. Heck even a lot more still live with relatives and friends–perhaps in a dorm [...]

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It pays to buy real estate for investment purposes

New developments on how the Bank of Israel handles interests rate would affect the real estate industry both on the corporate and individual level. Reports says that the bank reduced interest rates from 3.75% to 4.25 percent.  All this in an attempt to stop the appreciation of the shekel during the first month. One can [...]

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Will Moscow’s Real Estate Bubble Burst?

There’s something big being done and it’s all development, real estate development.  The Moskva-City development marches ahead, hewing to a schedule to bring on line one major building a year until 2015 on the supply side. Manhattan of the East also known as Moscow is to have the 10 of the tallest office buildings in [...]

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